Mariangel Pino is the designer and entrepreneur behind My Evil Eyes. Her jewelry collection is designed to bring luck, protection and strength to those who wear her pieces.

Her love for fashion, design and arts led her to find her true passion in designing and crafting jewelry. Mariangel took interest in researching the history of stones and the meaning of colors, as well as studying silver techniques. She quickly became fascinated with the intricacy of jewelry creation and the use of fine silver, so she started hand-making pieces that were fun to wear and complementary of any outfit.

Mariangel gives her consumers the unique ability to create their own identity by offering them the opportunity to mix and match stackable bracelets and layer necklaces.

After years of developing a vision and collecting inspiration from people, places and experiences, our online store, myevileyes.com, gave us the opportunity to bring together a selection of handmade quality pieces which include the hamsa and chai symbols, red string bracelets, evil eye charms, Star of David, protection and good luck designs.  We also extended our line by providing authentic evil eye scarves, home protection amulets, key ring and religious amulets.